Furbo: the #1 gift on every pet lovers

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Have you bought all the gifts for friends and relatives? Have you not forgotten about someone …? Yes, I’m talking about our four-legged friends. They love us unconditionally day after day, without asking for anything in return. But under Christmas Santa Claus will come for them too! With a gift thought out for them: Furbo. An interactive camera that will keep you close to your puppy even when you are away from home. This device allows you to see, talk and even launch crispies to your dog. It has HD night vision for when unfortunately you have to work late. Crafty notifies your phone when it senses the barking of your dog. Now you can know when they feel alone and you can talk to us through Furbo to calm them down.



Distance interaction helps train your dogs and give them comfort when they are home alone



Furbo is also compatible with Alexa!

Toss a treat or schedule to treat the launch as you exit the door, hands free!

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Furbo: the #1 gift on every pet lovers