Linfa: the smart hydroponic greenhouse



In the last period the health food industry has drastically increased. People want to feel better, eat well and decrease their consumption of junk food. However, due to the huge demand from the market, industries are increasingly using pesticides and chemicals to make our foods visibly perfect and increase their production. The solution to eating natural food without losing its properties would be to have a small vegetable garden. But most people live in big cities and this is impossible. For this reason, hanging gardens and gardens outside the city grow more and more. For those who want to have a small garden at hand, Linfa is the solution!


The satisfaction of making these little plants grow is unbelievable!


Linfa is a small home appliance that allows you to have a garden with fresh plants. It is the most modern hydroponic greenhouse, but sized for your house.

Grow all year round: with Linfa you can always enjoy a good and fresh harvest;

Simple and intuitive: with Linfa app managing your domestic garden has never been so easy;

Automatic reminders: Linfa app will notify you when you have to refill water and much more;

Design in Italy: to fit your home style in an elegant yet understated way;

Grow up to 6 plants at the same time: with our exclusive Mixes you can grow different and rare species at the same time;








Enjoy the food R-evolution! 


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Linfa: the smart hydroponic greenhouse