WeWine: the new “haute couture” wine search engine

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As Alfred Gratien said: "Champagne is to wine as haute couture is fashionable"

As a good Italian food lover, bubbles, aperitifs on the rooftops and excellent company, I’m always looking for the best products.
Now food sharing, home restaurant and food delivery are services used by millions of people every day all over the world. But to accompany good food, you need the right bubble!

And here comes the new search engine just a click away for exclusive drinks, unique as a haute couture dress and of course luxury: WEWINE!




I met Massimiliano and Gabriele Montanari, two brothers and young Italian entrepreneurs, founders of WeWine, who want to introduce to the world the wonderful luxury drinks products of their country, making these bottles accessible to anyone looking for high quality service and quality at home.


What exactly is WeWine?

WeWine is the new free tool to find and buy any quality wine. The portal is divided between the search engine and the online wine shop available to individuals and companies. We give our customers the opportunity to buy only high-quality bottles of wine at a competitive price. Our search engine instead allows users to delegate to our team the retrieval of any bottle of wine.


Why is it born and who does it turn to?

The WeWine project is born above all from our need to find high-level wine on the market. Being in fact of the enthusiasts of the sector we have found the great difficulty to find bottles of high level, in particular those of vintages older than the current ones. If we have found problems in the informatics sector we have some experience we thought that the same requirement could also concern other consumers and, in fact, this was the case. Most of the moments of conviviality are accompanied by a good bottle and often even online it becomes difficult to find the right wine for each occasion, so we thought: “From today anyone must be able to easily find the right wine!”



What is the balance of these first 6 months?

These first 9 months of work have above all given us confirmation that our intuition was correct, many people and many small businesses in Italy needed an instrument where it was easy to search for good wine. We have therefore confirmed and refined the core lines of our business, pleasantly finding that the products and services that we offer our customers are properly used, appreciated and above all provide a point of reference for the many lovers of this wonderful world. The results are giving us reason to compel me (Massimiliano) to devote myself to this full-time activity, we have an ever larger database to satisfy, more and more positive feedback and growing sales that have given this project the dimension of a company, the GM Srl of which my brother and I are partners together with a shareholder who believed in the initiative. It is early to draw a line, but certainly today the sign is +.

What are your short and medium term prospects?

The perspectives are very interesting, we are committed every day to keep the growth trend constant, to continue to provide innovative and always better services to our customers. Without a doubt, by the middle of the 2019 calendar year we would like to start expanding the business beyond the B2B and B2C supply. We have creative projects, also in collaboration with our partners, very interesting, to name one, “Sabrage” which will see its first date on 02.02.2019 at the local “La Sciabola” of Udine (Italy), where through a selection of great Champagne in combination with raw fish we will build an eno-gastronomic path of the highest level.


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Surelly I cannot miss their event! The name of the restaurant is already a program! An evening of wine, champagne, fish tastings and a magical atmosphere! See you at ”La Sciabola”!

And if you do not know which dress to wear for the evening, I’ve selected some of them below!



Cheers guys!

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WeWine: the new “haute couture” wine search engine